The Pink Coworking celebrated its first year of activity on February 1, 2024, with a party that involved numerous supporters. This event marked the culmination of a journey that has seen the spirit and mission of our shared workspace grow.

The Pink Coworking was born out of a tangible need: to provide a welcoming and collaborative environment for many freelance professionals, particularly women, seeking mutual support and a platform to (re)acknowledge, assert, and defend their rights. In a historical moment where social issues such as women’s rights, welfare, domestic violence, and the gender pay gap are widely discussed, the Pink Coworking aims to be a place for reflection and action to address these issues.

During the first year of operation, we worked tirelessly to promote a culture of solidarity, successfully channeling positive energy that inspired an open and inclusive community. Every active member of our community is an important piece of an ever-evolving mosaic, contributing to the care and growth of the Pink Coworking.

With much gratitude, we also rely on the support of Circoscrizione 1 of the City of Turin, which hosts us and with whom we co-design, and numerous individuals and organizations actively committed to what aims to be a social change, countering the precarious and low-wage work that particularly affects women.

A mutualistic and generative tool of Pink Coworking is the Time and Skills Bank, supported by the Active Civic Participation Lines of the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation.

While thanking everyone who contributed to the success of the Pink Coworking, we also want to highlight the specific initiatives activated within our spaces, such as the Freelance Desk in collaboration with ACTA – Freelance Association, active since February 8, with a free monthly appointment on the rights and characteristics of having a VAT number. Additionally, there are Financial Education courses for Freelancers and more in collaboration with Kermasofia starting from February 17; Business Model You with Marta Giavarini, which will be presented on February 28; and Canva for the third sector with Chiara Zoia for sustainable, participatory communication, using the advanced AI features of the tool.

We are planning various activities so that the Acca Association, with its actions, increasingly enriches the sense of “doing together” for positive impact through the activation and networking skills of people in the shared care of a common good. Being part of Torino Social Impact is an important milestone in this regard.

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