Acca is an association founded in 2021, a community of city makers, activists for social, environmental and organisational sustainability, intercultural mediators, social and cultural workers and activist citizens.

It accompanies social and organisational transformations with a view to the recognition of communities in the care of the commons and the dissemination of knowledge as a means of liberation, inspired by Freirian thought.

It fights inequalities, including the new inequalities that innovative processes bring with them, by seeking alliances according to the three-level model of urban co-governance, sharing, collaboration and polycentricity, to generate forms of ‘quintuple helix governance’. These actors are the public, cognitive and private institutions, to which is added the important component of civil society, organised (associations) and not (active citizens, social innovators, city makers). The addition of these actors makes innovation generate more socially, environmentally and culturally inclusive and sustainable enterprises and institutions.

Our action focuses on processes and pathways for enabling digital citizenship skills, as a pick for onlife citizenship, in schools and community hubs in Turin, with the tools of intercultural mediation, within the city’s Social Inclusion Plan (React – PON Metro) and in pathways for access to employment through the enhancement of digital and civic skills (ref. Repubblica Digitale and PNRR).

Another path we are very keen on is Pink Coworking, a place of work, mutual alliance and female empowerment, with the support of District 1 of the City of Turin.

Associazione Acca ETS is registered with the Municipal Register of Associations of the City of Turin; and with RUNTS.