Prometeo, a Cooperative Zenith project which aims to sustain the elderly and people with difficulties of the territories of Turin, carried out the “My dear grandchild of the future” venture.

It is a collection of video-letters recorded by a group of the Cooperative old friends who tried to reply to current questions about the pandemic period, like: “What do we want to remain of the difficult time we have just lived and that now we are living again?”

Replies merged in some video-letters addressed to the grandchildren of the future, in which the aged narrators describe the first lockdown (March-May 2020) and how they tried to make it through this difficult time.

They address the descendants who, although they didn’t take part directly in that historical moment, will be able to draw inspiration from the collected memories and use them as an essential lesson for their life.

Among the video-letters, there is a double one from  Armanda and Pasquale who report the significative experience of an old copule with 56 years of marriage, who “faced together the distance from children and grandchildren”.

The letter of Marina, instead, tells gently how “every crisis is also an opportunity” and how from this difficult experience it’s possible to learn something, especially from the rediscovered voice of nature.

The grand-grandfather of Francesco rediscovered the pleasure of spending time with his wife and of reading, but he doesn’t conceal his longing for his dear walks.

Those letters are becoming newly current because of the secondo lockdown (November 2020), but maybe they can be an instrument to see with eyes full of hope to a close future.

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Prometeo is part of the 15 social innovation projects sustained by the City of Turin (Torino Social Factory program), co-funded by “Pon Metro Programma Operativo Città Metropolitane 2014-2020” (measure 3.3.1 A)

Torino Social Factory is a leading project of Torino Social Impact, the Turin platform dedicated to the ecosystem for entrepreneurship and investment with a social impact.