Googreen’s biodiversity market, a meeting place and regeneration centre in the Sambuy garden, a symbol and crossroads of the city, is hosting among its stalls the ingredients for a dialogue around the theme of biodiversity, as an accompaniment to Aspettando Cheese 2023 with a special selection dedicated to cheeses and mixed-flower honeys from the very meadows where they are produced.

Within the event dedicated to agricultural, nursery and enogastronomic excellence, therefore, a showcase of those that are melliferous garrisons and, consequently, fundamental production areas of our territory, points of arrival and departure at the same time of the vast and unique cultural heritage that belongs to us.
In the circuit of conscious producers – secular actors of our land, always attentive to the impact on nature and the earth – there will be space for those companies that in synergy produce honey and cheese, but also jams, spirits, liqueurs and processed products, born from the same flower meadows.

Once again, the Community of Metropolitan Pollinators and Giardino Forbito look to biodiversity as an alchemic ability to transform an intact, clean, fair and good landscape: from grass and flowers unique nectars, where every mountain, every hill or plateau is a landscape that over time has allowed animal and plant species to evolve and stabilise, in a harmonious and mutualistic way, to the point that if we wanted to ‘taste our landscapes’ we would discover that each one is in turn unique and unrepeatable. In this discovery, each flower always translates into multi-flower honeys and special cheeses.


Set up by the BeePlant nursery: the world is a flower meadow! Immersive journey into biodiversity among the scents, colours and peculiarities of the honey plants of our territory.



12 noon: “Super eco – zero waste” educational workshop organised by Beesù. A workshop to create together the ecopack, a natural ecological wrapping for wrapping and preserving food, made with beeswax and 100% natural.
3 pm: Presentation of ‘I viaggi di Mia. The Adventures of Water”. Tea edizioni. With authors Carola Benedetto and Luciana Ciliento
5.30 p.m.: Swing dancing at the Sambuy with dances by the Accademia Carma Torino and a DJ set by Doctor Swing.


10.30 a.m. to 11.30 a.m.: free workshop of PIZZICA E DANZE DEL SUD! with La Paranza del Geco.
12 noon: presentation of ‘Agreste’, Piano B edizioni. With author Tiziano Fratus.
5 pm: presentation of ‘Il re era una regina. History, biology and curiosities about bees”, Graphot Editore. With author Fulvio Piccinino.
6.30 p.m.: greetings and bee-ritual in collaboration with the Metropolitan Pollinators Community.