Our Association was founded on the initiative of a group of people to educate, protect and promote biodiversity in all its meanings, so not only of animal and plant species but also the expression of the diversity of peoples.

The starting idea is very simple: look at the small to change the big. With the imprint and guidance of the Slow Food Community of Metropolitan Pollinators, a living part of the international Terra Madre network, we have been working for years on a scientific, educational and design level to bring to the cities, suburbs and countryside sustainable and circular practical solutions that can bring about significant and lasting changes for our lives and the environment.

Rethinking all together of a new environmental paradigm, urban and rural, in which we are all connected and enjoy the benefits of each other and this by completely reconsidering every living element of our system.

Since the beginning, the activities of the Association are focused on the world of pollinating insects, especially bees, their environmental importance and the valuable lessons we can learn from their observation, but passing through community models trying to involve all the actors of our world, starting from the fragile, disadvantaged people, victims of violence.

Knowing the pollinators means to become familiar with the landscape around us, to distinguish the living species, the seasonal cycles and the mutual interactions; through the study of these insects we learn to recognize the honey plants, we explore in the field the concepts of biodiversity, environmental sustainability and climate change, we design together new urban spaces to encourage the spread of pollinators in the city; last but not least, the life of bees and their extraordinary organization offers ideas for many activities of civic education on issues of inclusion, social cooperation and respect for the environment.

Our community has grown by welcoming new volunteers, each of whom has enriched the Association with their own wealth of ideas and experiences. Every action needs participation and involvement and anyone can participate in change.

We are enrolled in the register of non-profit social promotion associations in the City of Turin, and in the Register of the Piedmont Region. We are already a Third Sector Body.