Today marks the beginning of the second edition of Fit4benefit, an initiative involving the Community of Practice of Benefit Corporations for the 2024-2025 period. The program aims to generate shared knowledge among participants through the pooling of skills.
Amapola, a consultancy specialized in sustainability strategies and projects, inaugurated this season’s journey with a discussion on stakeholder engagement in an online meeting titled “Sustainability is elsewhere“.

A new way of understanding people and businesses, between communication and participation

Alberto Marzetta, partner and client director, together with Micol Burighel, head of marketing and communications, led the group in reflecting on how organizations can better relate to their stakeholders.

The importance of relational capital is also growing: great attention is paid to the company’s ability to dialogue, interact, and share strategies with stakeholders. Today, no organization can be a closed system but must become an entity capable of managing relationships with other social actors.”

For the 21 participants, this was a valuable opportunity to discuss doubts, implementation methods, and the challenges of stakeholder engagement practices.

The Fit4benefit journey is carried out as part of the Community of Practice project, thanks to the support of the Turin Chamber of Commerce and the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation.