A new phase is underway for the European Projects Hub for Social Economy, an initiative launched in collaboration with Weco Impresa Sociale, thanks to the support of the Chamber of Commerce of Turin and the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation.

In November, a support phase for project ideas emerged during workshops on the Erasmus+, LIFE, and Horizon programs held between June and September. Over 50 entities from the TSI ecosystem participated.

Currently, 12 entities are undergoing an individual support process to make their project ideas eligible for the Erasmus+ program, specifically focusing on the small-scale partnership calls designed for newcomer entities or those with less experience. The deadline for submission is in spring 2024.

The project design support process, led by Weco Impresa Sociale, includes several one-hour online sessions at various checkpoints:

  • STEP 1: Definition of the project idea, identified sector, and program-related priorities | November 2-10
  • STEP 2: Identification of the European and/or local partnership, project idea review | November 13-29
  • STEP 3: Drafting a project outline focusing on the target group, activities, impact, and follow-up | November 30 – December 15
  • STEP 4: Budget definition and check on administrative documentation to be produced | December 18 – January 12
  • STEP 5: Final revision of the project document and uploading to the platform | January 15 – February 16

Torino Social Impact has also provided strategic partnerships for the entities, facilitating the formation of European partnerships.

A total of 9 projects will be presented in the spring window of the Erasmus+ Program funded by the European Commission.