WECO is a social innovation agency committed to promoting approaches and methods for social transformation, cooperating with institutions, enterprises and non-profit organisations.

WECO has brought together social innovation professionals having a long-term experience in designing solutions for sustainability and social impact. In WECO we combine different competences and know-how to successfully tackle the challenges and catch the opportunities related to community engagement & development, planning and co-design, fundraising, corporate partnerships, development of impact finance projects, social impact measurement, welfare management and project management of high complexity.

WECO is oriented with particular attention to the development of social innovation initiatives in favor of extra-urban territories and internal areas.

Together with communities, territories and organizations, we design solutions to social sustainability needs, promoting collaborative processes and concrete innovation through our 6 permanent laboratories:

  • SPRINT LAB dedicated to the application of innovation tools and processes for engagement, financing, impact management, idea generation, business modelling, internal and external communication [ #sprintlab ]
  • EDU LAB focused on the development of innovative learning experiences, and for the transfer of technological skills to schools, enterprises and third sector organizations [ #edulab ]
  • COMMUNITY LAB dedicated to local design, the redesign of places and spaces for the community [ #communitylab ]
  • WELFARE LAB focused on both territorial and corporate welfare management [ #welfarelab ]
  • TECH LAB dedicated to the design of digital solutions to support local welfare systems and initiatives for social inclusion [ #techlab ]
  • META LAB dedicated to internal and external design and co-desing of social impact projects [ #metalab ]

Our activities

WECO combines two main lines of intervention:

01 | CONSULTANCY & CAPACITY BUILDING for the strengthening of the ecosystem (institutions, third sector entities, companies)

We support private and public entities in accelerating transformation and innovation processes for social impact

02 | DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT OF PROJECTS for the experimentation of social innovation practices

We design experiences and innovating models promoting sustainability and social value.