The “Cambiamenti” Call is entering its second phase, with 13 project proposals approved for funding.

Through the “Cambiamenti” Call for New Inclusive Contexts, Fondazione Time2 aims to support and accompany initiatives that strive for increased participation of people with disabilities in all contexts.

The supported idea focuses on addressing both material and immaterial barriers that restrict accessibility, participation, and protagonism of people with disabilities. This involves a reinterpretation of common perceptions related to disability and the civic, social, and cultural spaces of Piedmontese cities. The goal is to create an equitable and accessible environment capable of ensuring a full and independent life for everyone, regardless of physical and mental conditions.

Fondazione Time2 would like to express sincere gratitude to everyone involved in this journey. The Foundation acknowledges the effort made by the entities to incorporate the feedback provided in Phase 1 and appreciates the insights gained during the development of the final projects.

The collaborative approach, the establishment of trust-oriented relationships for change, and the proactive nature of the project designs constitute the first tangible results achieved by the “Cambiamenti” program. Fondazione Time2 values the commitment of each involved stakeholder in this regard.

Following the evaluation procedures outlined in the call, the Board of Directors of the Foundation has approved the participation of 13 project proposals in Phase 2 of “Cambiamenti”.

The overall quality, implementation methods, feasibility, and impact of the proposals were assessed, along with responsiveness to the issues highlighted during the initial idea review.

The funded proposals propose significant changes in approaches, favoring implementation methods that address the complexity and intersectionality of inequalities. They emphasize genuine protagonism of people with disabilities and intervene with a systemic and multidimensional vision to overcome barriers inhibiting the authentic participation and well-being of all individuals.

These projects have demonstrated a careful understanding of needs, placing the voices and aspirations of people with disabilities at the forefront. They aim to intervene coherently and measurably, utilizing resources with competence, and collaborating within broad and diverse social and cultural networks aligned with the identified change objectives.

The awarded projects are those that best propose lasting and heterodirected changes, with a realistic possibility of integrating into the regular functioning practices of the contexts.

Even for projects not admitted, the Board of Directors has decided to acknowledge the effort and work put into developing the final projects by allocating a fixed amount to cover design expenses.

Fondazione Time2 expresses gratitude to everyone for their commitment during the refinement process and wishes all Initial Ideas the best conditions for project realization.

All project proposals admitted to Phase 2