On Thursday, September 26, the first training event titled “Social Enterprise: How to Strengthen Market Presence” was held at the Beeozanam Community Hub, as part of the Buy Social for the Social Economy project.

The European project Buy Social was launched in May 2023 with the mission of enhancing commercial collaborations between social enterprises and traditional businesses to improve the market for products and services of social enterprises.

The first training was aimed at 10 partner organizations of Torino Social Impact, with a total of 21 participants, including social enterprises and social cooperatives (according to the definition of the European Commission), as well as start-ups and benefit corporations with a social mission/impact, engaged in the circular economy with experiences related to textile recycling, fashion, or eco-design.

After the greetings from Torino Social Impact and the Consorzio Nazionale CGM, the morning began with a presentation by Daniele Consoletti, an expert in contracts, privacy, and compliance, focused on “Contractual Matters for Social Enterprises and Cooperatives.” Subsequently, Alberto Baccari delved into the topic “Market Approach Strategy,” drawing on his decades of experience as an entrepreneur and an expert in sustainable innovation, business design, and digital transformation.

In the afternoon, the presentation “Effective Communication: A Brief Guide” followed, delivered by experts Alberto Marzetta and Micol Burighel from Amapola Srl Società Benefit, a communication agency specializing in corporate social responsibility, institutional and environmental communication.

Finally, Laura Gallo shared the experience of Coffeefrom, an innovative start-up with a social vocation (SIAVS) that transforms used coffee grounds from the food industry, promoting the circular economy and creating social impact.

Thanks to the presence of industry experts, the event provided participants with tools and skills to strengthen their competitiveness and presence in the B2B market.