InnovAree: towards a Mountain Impact Fund

Turin, June 2019 – The Report 2017-19 Vado a vivere in montagna (“I go to live in the mountains”) by Collegio Carlo Alberto and SocialFare in collaboration with Accademia delle Alte Terre and UNCEM within InnovAree, is online. A project intended to support and encourage the enhancement of inland areas as a place of life and work, beyond the vision of a mountain “hit and run” to contemplate over the weekend.

The accompanying service was offered free of charge to 100 beneficiaries. Who contacted and asked for the service? They are people with a job position and a high educational qualification, but they are looking for a change of life – said Andrea Membretti, sociologist, who followed the project’s beneficiaries – they mainly require credit and not a grant.

There is knowledge, there is experimentation, there are models and communities but above all, there is a question. What has returned several times is to do things together, hybridizing resources – added Laura Orestano, CEO of SocialFare.

From “I go to live in the mountains” to “Come and live in the mountains”

The opportunity scenario is fragmented, the new version of the project aims to create accessibility, accompaniment, supply chain in a contextual way, highlighting the mountain as a resource of social as well as environmental value – continues Laura Orestano – There may be a hybrid financing that accompanies the social value of the high lands as new places for sustainable development?

This opens up new scenarios for InnovAree, which from 2019, with the collaboration of the municipalities and the G.A.L. of some Piedmontese territories, launches the new service “Come and live in the mountains” to support the settlement in the “welcoming valleys” of the region and launches an important challenge for investors: the creation of a Mountain Impact Fund as an investment tool.

Innovation and inclusion in Torino: the City of Torino’s Implementation Plan for Urb-Inclusion european project

The City of Torino presented the Implementation Plan that illustrates the initiatives in support of social innovation activated in two years of work, in the framework of the European project Urb-Inclusion.

It’s a vast complex of interventions, financed by the European and regional structural funds

Torino Social Factory (Pon Metro 3.3.1a):
involves 25 organisations with 12 selected projects and €1.4 million invested
European Crowdfunding Center (Pon Metro 3.3.1c):
has activated 48 organisations, six projects and a budget of 50,000 euros
 Co-City – Uia (Urban Innovative Actions):
involves 213 organizations, 63 projects and 5.1 million euros invested to activate “Patti di collaborazione”.
AxTO Azioni per le periferie torinesi:
three actions to support innovative projects in the social field (3.03), environmental (3.02) and cultural (4.01),
with the involvement of 129 organisations, 37 projects with a total investment of €1.3 million

Download implementation plan at this link

The challenge of impact assessment for big donors

Social Value Italia and Torino Social Impact organize the event The challenge of impact assessment for big donors, on 9 July at 9:30 AM at Collegio Carlo Alberto Foundation in Turin.

The goal of the talk is to think about the relationship between evaluation and big donors. The resources deployed by philanthropic subjects in various sectors of welfare and the social sphere, allow the experimentation of innovative projects and models with a high social impact, with important implications with respect to the way in which the Public Institutions face old and new social challenges.

Impact assessment thus becomes a fundamentally important tool for big donors’ projects, since it allows discussion of the reproducibility and scalability of sustainable and innovative ideas.

The meeting is also an opportunity to explore and learn about virtuous experiences of projects capable of generating high social impact.

More information and registration at this link.

In addition to Social Value Italia and Torino Social Impact, other actors will be present: Turin Chamber of Commerce, Catholic University of Milan, Human Foundation, Impresa Sociale Con i bambini, Fondazione Zancan, KPMG, Fondazione Unipolis, Fondo Beneficenza Intesa San Paolo, Fondazione Altamane and Fondazione Sviluppo e Crescita CRT.

Social impact investments in the new European Commission’s programming

Social Impact Agenda together with Torino Social Impact will organize an event on 9 July with the presence of the European Commission, Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs, to present the position paper “Designing Social Innovation: impact investing and EU funds” by PwC and Human Foundation.

Social impact investments base on innovative business models with a high social impact, without renouncing to the economic income that every enterprise aims to generate. These models, applied to sectors such as welfare, enable collaboration between public and private actors in order to answer to emerging social needs. During the past European programming, impact financial instruments were born. The presentation of the position paper will be the occasion to describe them but also to describe the mechanisms provided by InvestEU to support initiatives that are capable of producing a tangible social impact on the territories.

Information available at this link, while here you can register for the event, which will take place at the Collegio Carlo Alberto Foundation in Turin at 3.00 PM on 9 July 2019.

Other participants: Turin Chamber of Commerce, Piemonte Regione, Finpiemonte, Fondazione CRT, Compagnia di San Paolo, Legacoop Piemonte, Confcooperative Piemonte Nord, Human Foundation and PwC.

Community Networks

The City of Turin, Liberitutti, Triciclo and Brains Capital are pleased to organize a workshop to discuss – together with social cooperatives, social workers and companies – the value generated by community networks.

During the afternoon inspirational talks, workshops and case studies will alternate and the results of the European project Urb-Inclusion and the implementation plan of the social and urban innovation actions of the City of Turin will be presented.

The projects Glocal Factory and Tricircolo Reuse Center by Liberitutti and Triciclo. Those projects are funded by Pon Metro within Torino Social Factory program.

Registration on eventbrite page.


13.45 – Registration
14.00 – Institutional welcome by Paola Pisano, Deputy Mayor on Innvation, City of Turin
14.15 – Presentation of Urb-Inclusion results and City of Turin’s social innovation action plan
14.30 – Matteo Bartolomeo, Avanzi
14.45 – Daniele Caccherano, Liberitutti
15.10 – Federico Disegni, Brains Capital
15.30 – Glocal Factory and Tricircolo Reuse Center projects presetnation
15.50 – Veronica Magli – Ginevra Sarfatti
16.15 – Confrontation among actors

An urban redevelopment and social inclusion project: Mufant introduces itself to the city

Mufant, Museum of Science Fiction, organizes a day of celebration (Sunday, June 16) and opens the doors to the city to present the initiatives it has promoted within the social enterprise sector: social works not only through the activation of volunteers but also with a business approach, fostering well-being and innovation, new jobs and quality of life. It happens in partnership with the social cooperative Altra Mente and thanks to the participation to the calls promoted by the City of Turin as part of the Pon Metro Program 2014-2020 / Turin Social Factory, Co -City Turin and AxTO.

A huge statue of Dr. Frankenstein will be the first sign of an urban transformation within the public housing neighborhood in Via Reiss Romoli. Mufant’s imagination power will flow out of the museum in order to create an outside “square of the imaginary” and nine monuments dedicated to those who have been able to create a synthesis between narration and science, playing with the stimuli of science to create futuristic and utopian visions.

Purpose of the Mufant is to restore beauty and vitality to a suburb that can become a site of tourism attraction. The construction of a Fantastic Theme Park in the square adjacent to the museum also includes other redevelopment projects promoted by Co-City Torino and co-designed with residents, including the dedication of the public garden in memory of Riccardo Valla, an important Turin protagonist of Italian science fiction culture.

The making of the Park is part of Loving the Alien, a project – currently in the start-up phase – promoted by the Social Cooperative Altra Mente and the museum, supported by Pon Metro funds in the context of Torino Social Factory, an initiative of the Department of Innovation of the City of Turin created to support social innovation projects through an accompanying path and financial support.

Loving the Alien also activated two workshops that involve more than twenty people, some of whom are in conditions of social distress. The decisive moment of the project will be (Spring 2020) the organization of a Fantastic Festival right in the redeveloped Park, an annual event that will open to the world of urban regeneration and social inclusion experiences. A crowdfunding campaign is going to be launched in order to support the creation of the festival.

Sunday 16 June’s program is available on the Mufant website.

Crowd Mapping with Kimap!

Torino Social Impact presents its first experimentation in town: Kimap!

Kimap is an app-navigator for the mobility of disabled people, developed by the Florentine start-up Kinoa.

Kimap application can be downloaded for free on smartphones and can be used all over the world. During the use of Kimap, the data from the smartphone’s sensors are automatically detected, allowing any irregularity and slope of the terrain to be mapped. All information collected in real time by users is processed automatically by the navigator who learns to recognize the easiest routes for a disabled person to drive along the best route based on accessibility, time and distance. With Kimap it is also possible to make manual reports of obstacles, architectural barriers, demanding slopes and points of interest to improve the maps. Kimap adopt the artificial intelligence technology and it is an excellent example of combination between technology and social issues.

A crowd mapping session will be held on Saturday 22 June 2019. It consists of a gathering of people with physical disabilities who, once equipped with Kimap app, will start the live mapping of the city of Turin, starting from the center, to track its accessibility. Results will be presented within the Italian Tech Week’s framework, during the week following the mapping (in particular during the “Impact-Ability” event on June 27, 2019).

Take part in the Crowd Mapping!

For registration and event agenda click here.

Event organized in collaboration with Nesta Italia and with the contribution of Turin Chamber of Commerce.

VISIONI. Social Impact Assessment: opportunities and difficulties

VISIONI (“Visions”) is a seminar for social and cultural operators, third sector organizations and evaluation technicians.

Why a seminar on the evaluation of social impact starting from the experiences of a Turin network that has experienced this directly?

Speaking of social impact today, on the eve of the third sector reform, calls for academic theories, models of change, measurements and reporting requests for political and economic stakeholders. But it also means that professional and competent operators in building relationships with different recipients, skilled in moving between complex projects and complex partnerships, prepared to respond to communication and budget management needs, must prepare themselves to measure the effects and effectiveness that the their organizations produce within the community, profiling monitoring systems that involve the beneficiaries themselves. And it happens that this enterprise clashes with attempts to bring people together, to make the dynamic and light spaces of coexistence easy, with the risk of intervening on the spontaneity of certain relationships.

Therefore, it is a seminar to start an exchange of practices and images, emphasizing the difficulties encountered, the limits glimpsed, but also the opportunities encountered.


When: 26 June 2019 – 9.00 – 18.00

Where: Hub Cecchi Point – via Cecchi 17, Turin

The program in online:


The seminar is a project from the Network of Houses in the Turin district, together with Rete 14 Luglio, Ufficio Pio, Chamber of Commerce of Turin, within Torino Social Impact, with the support of Compagnia di San Paolo and Città di Torino. With the collaboration of Euricse and the sponsorship of Assifero.

The Public Notice of the City of Turin for the Social Innovation Fund is now online

5 June 2019 – The City of Turin published the Public Notice for the selection of the partnership and for the candidacy of a social inclusion project, in the context of the call for proposals, dated 5 April 2019, by the Department of Public Function on the Social Innovation Fund, that was presented in Turin on 18 April 2019.

The main objective of the national call for proposals is to promote models of social innovation, in order to achieve the final goal of a system change through a new approach to the development of services by the municipalities, as well as to establish new forms of relationships between public and private subjects, in a logic of co-creation of the services, where the elements of scalability and repeatability serve as main principles of the project proposals.

The project proposals can relate to one of the following three areas of intervention: social inclusion, cultural animation, school dropout. The City of Turin intends to apply for admission to funding for the first type of intervention, which concerns social inclusion, and for this purpose it has decided to launch a public selection and consultation procedure available at this link.

Considering that the guidelines of the national public notice require that the experimental projects of social innovation must include, in addition to the involvement of a service provider and a private investor or financier, also of an evaluator, the City intends to make use of the proven skills in the evaluation and measurement of the social impact offered by the Center for Impact Assesment of the Turin Chamber of Commerce, which guarantees appropriate levels of independence and reliability, given that it is a public body, a third party and a promoter together with the City of Turin of the platform Turin Social Impact.

The City intends to promote an experimental and innovative program of interventions, according to the model of social impact finance and improving its administrative capacity. The experimental design idea will have to focus on the sub-theme of affordable housing, placing the citizen and his social needs at the project’s center, so as to deal more effectively with the complexity and interrelations of the urban challenges posed by the groups disadvantaged or vulnerable.

More info and full text here.