Torino Social Impact presents its first experimentation in town: Kimap!

Kimap is an app-navigator for the mobility of disabled people, developed by the Florentine start-up Kinoa.

Kimap application can be downloaded for free on smartphones and can be used all over the world. During the use of Kimap, the data from the smartphone’s sensors are automatically detected, allowing any irregularity and slope of the terrain to be mapped. All information collected in real time by users is processed automatically by the navigator who learns to recognize the easiest routes for a disabled person to drive along the best route based on accessibility, time and distance. With Kimap it is also possible to make manual reports of obstacles, architectural barriers, demanding slopes and points of interest to improve the maps. Kimap adopt the artificial intelligence technology and it is an excellent example of combination between technology and social issues.

A crowd mapping session will be held on Saturday 22 June 2019. It consists of a gathering of people with physical disabilities who, once equipped with Kimap app, will start the live mapping of the city of Turin, starting from the center, to track its accessibility. Results will be presented within the Italian Tech Week’s framework, during the week following the mapping (in particular during the “Impact-Ability” event on June 27, 2019).

Take part in the Crowd Mapping!

For registration and event agenda click here.

Event organized in collaboration with Nesta Italia and with the contribution of Turin Chamber of Commerce.