The City of Torino presented the Implementation Plan that illustrates the initiatives in support of social innovation activated in two years of work, in the framework of the European project Urb-Inclusion.

It’s a vast complex of interventions, financed by the European and regional structural funds

Torino Social Factory (Pon Metro 3.3.1a):
involves 25 organisations with 12 selected projects and €1.4 million invested
European Crowdfunding Center (Pon Metro 3.3.1c):
has activated 48 organisations, six projects and a budget of 50,000 euros
 Co-City – Uia (Urban Innovative Actions):
involves 213 organizations, 63 projects and 5.1 million euros invested to activate “Patti di collaborazione”.
AxTO Azioni per le periferie torinesi:
three actions to support innovative projects in the social field (3.03), environmental (3.02) and cultural (4.01),
with the involvement of 129 organisations, 37 projects with a total investment of €1.3 million

Download implementation plan at this link