Turin, June 2019 – The Report 2017-19 Vado a vivere in montagna (“I go to live in the mountains”) by Collegio Carlo Alberto and SocialFare in collaboration with Accademia delle Alte Terre and UNCEM within InnovAree, is online. A project intended to support and encourage the enhancement of inland areas as a place of life and work, beyond the vision of a mountain “hit and run” to contemplate over the weekend.

The accompanying service was offered free of charge to 100 beneficiaries. Who contacted and asked for the service? They are people with a job position and a high educational qualification, but they are looking for a change of life – said Andrea Membretti, sociologist, who followed the project’s beneficiaries – they mainly require credit and not a grant.

There is knowledge, there is experimentation, there are models and communities but above all, there is a question. What has returned several times is to do things together, hybridizing resources – added Laura Orestano, CEO of SocialFare.

From “I go to live in the mountains” to “Come and live in the mountains”

The opportunity scenario is fragmented, the new version of the project aims to create accessibility, accompaniment, supply chain in a contextual way, highlighting the mountain as a resource of social as well as environmental value – continues Laura Orestano – There may be a hybrid financing that accompanies the social value of the high lands as new places for sustainable development?

This opens up new scenarios for InnovAree, which from 2019, with the collaboration of the municipalities and the G.A.L. of some Piedmontese territories, launches the new service “Come and live in the mountains” to support the settlement in the “welcoming valleys” of the region and launches an important challenge for investors: the creation of a Mountain Impact Fund as an investment tool.