Not just a game but a new way of being!

Thanks to the commitment of the “Al Cicapui ASD – APS” Association, “VIAV – Il Tour delle Valli” is finally available, the first board game entirely set in the Lanzo Valleys.
VIAV – The Tour of the Valleys” is a recreational-educational tool created in the form of a board game and set in the Lanzo Valleys: the ascent towards the Uja di Ciamarella winds through some of the places, paths and main tourist attractions in the area.

Not only that: during the journey you can encounter unexpected events and opportunities, deal with positive and negative behaviors or be amazed and enchanted by the Places of the Heart, the Wanderers of the Valleys and the characters of the Magical World!

How to play?

“VIAV – Il Tour delle Valli” was designed for 2-8 players. The recommended minimum age is school age (approximately 6 years).

16 February 2024 presentation evening of the guest game at L’Circul in Pessinetto: we look forward to seeing many of you

Here is the link where you can book the game.

The collection locations are displayed by the Donor during the booking process and following the donation the Donor receives a summary email.

“VIAV – The Tour of the Valleys” can be collected upon reservation at the following locations:

  • Headquarters of the “Al Cicapui ASD – APS” Association mob. 3398654032
  • “Bazar Vallino” Via Roma 15- 10070 Chialamberto (To) – tel. 0123.506300
  • “Zanella Serena” newsstand Piazza Vittorio Veneto 17 – 10070 Cafasse TO tel. 0123 326911
  • “L’Atelier della Piazza” Piazza Vetta di Italia 13 – 10149 Turin mob. 3479430952

For organizational issues it is advisable to check the opening hours of the various offices and possibly contact them by telephone.

The email to request any information:

We remain available for everyone, do not hesitate to contact us.

Inside the board there are QR Codes to use: for this reason it is recommended to keep a mobile device at hand. Otherwise, you can download the game contents in PDF format. Inside the board there will be a QR Code dedicated to the Regulations and the same will be present on the back of the Game: to start playing simply let yourself be carried away by the curiosity of setting off along the Valleys!