If you, like us, believe in simple things and that these activities are an added value for human beings… we believe in dreams, creativity, respect and as a strong moment of growth, our means of locomotion are our legs, mountain bikes, the wind…”

All in the name of a sustainable life to conserve natural resources.

We are not looking for extreme performances, but for experiences and exchanges, new little big discoveries, following the teaching of Lao Tzu: “A good walker leaves no traces”.

Cicapui, in addition to the sports activities recognized by CONI and coordinated by professionals in various outdoor disciplines, as a social promotion association, aims to spread the culture of excellent craftsmanship through proposals for training modules and creative workshops aimed at schools, primary and secondary (first and second level), aimed at Training Institutions, Professional Orientation Associations and Universities, taught by selected Teachers and belonging to the category recognized by the Piedmont Region as Artisan Excellence. In combination with the concept of High Quality Craftsmanship and Excellence, Cicapui proposes itself as a supporter and disseminator of laboratory activities that focus on the concept of Recycling, Recovery and Reuse of materials that have reached the end of their life, in order to encourage creativity and design of Applied Art artifacts that embody the values ​​of respect for the environment and education on waste reduction.

The social commitment that Cicapui assumes is also aimed at the realization of creative activities aimed at classes of users with both ethical-social difficulties and with slight disabilities, creating ad hoc Applied Art modules that can satisfy the specific request of Institutions, Associations and/or Schools. Finally, the Al Cicapui Association aims to collaborate with the Municipalities to organize together creative workshops aimed at children to be held during the typical and excellent Craft Fairs, to implement the offer of activities that they normally offer during these events.

Collaboration with organizations, schools, municipalities, associations, foundations and institutions are in our opinion the basis for promoting the territory itself in an organized and constructive way through the teaching of “know-how” which constitutes one of the immense riches which the younger generations they can draw, to increase their cultural and manual heritage and perhaps to choose in the future a profession that is now in extinction, in full respect of the environment and socio-environmental policies.

Since 2019 Al Cicapui has redeveloped the common good, the “Beppe Ferrando Area” with a view to Circular Building where the Association is physically born and a meeting place where you can take advantage of some services for families and recreational sports. in 2020 the 1st social garden of the valgrande was created in Migliere built exclusively with noble reused materials with the urban redevelopment of another common good, a former abandoned playground with no equipment.

Since 2021 it has been managing a social accommodation that is destined for social use, temporary stays for training courses, manual and playful-creative workshops, experiential workshops and thematic sports weeks for members and users to support inclusive activities with the aim of responding concretely to the social and educational emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

To this end, it is essential to experiment, implement and consolidate a community welfare and educating community model in one’s own territory, in which above all the family, but also the individual, can become the protagonist both as a beneficiary of the interventions and as an active subject of ‘intervention. These interventions are intended to lend solidity to the active involvement of supportive families.

Since 2021 it has been operating in a shared space in Turin in collaboration with “Cooperativa Biosfera scs”,Cooperativa Synergica“, “Chiara Ferraris Art & Glass Fusing” in the shared project “#SocialPRO-L’Opificio dei mestieri”:  together they come together to offer a series of integrated services of high-level craft training, reception (both as social inclusion and as accompaniment to inclusion in the working world), inclusion and aggregation understood as a space for sharing knowledge and equipment) socio-educational interventions ( aimed at the widest range of social declinations), the development and promotion of corporate strategies that favor the green transition that can be the most coherent response to a multiplicity of society’s needs.