“I Breathe Poetry” is the capsule collection of VANNI sunglasses designed by artist Catalin Pislaru- winner of the VANNI #artistroom prize at Artissima 2021. A collection of exploratory eyewear, drawing from the visual universe of the young Moldovan artist. The bi-dimensionality of a design on canvas meets the tri-dimensionality of a pair of glasses, united by a taste for courageous colours pairing.

An international jury judged his work capable of offering an original perspective on reality, and on eyewear design. And so it is: Catalin conceptualises a pair of shield sunglasses, in unisex and women’s models, constructed with layers of coloured acetate—just like his paintings, stratifications of symbols and colour on wood or aluminum.

“The project “I breathe poetry” is the metaphorical synthesis of every project that I’ve undertaken. As far back as when I was a student at the Academy in Monaco, I had written that phrase with a marker on the door of the studio: for me it was a motto to follow, and even today it continues to be a reference point for my research.

Collaborating with designers for an eyewear project has been incredibly enjoyable; I’ve had the opportunity to learn much about the world of design, as compared to the art world. I decided to design sunglasses for their introverted nature, because they hide the eyes, the gaze, intended for a young audience, belonging to a rebellious musical subculture like Trap, or hip-hop.”

The collection “I Breathe Poetry” is created entirely in Italy, in a limited series of 200 pieces, available on VANNI Showroom in Turin or online


Alessandra Girardi, promoter of the prize, recounts: “The VANNI #artistroom prize at Artissima will complete its second edition in 2022. It was born with the intention of exploring the possible contaminations between the genius of contemporary art and eyewear design, and awards the winning artist, apart from a cash prize, the opportunity to inspire a capsule collection of auteur eyewear. It is an occasion for us to bring new stimuli into the eyewear sector, letting creativity flow with a process that is more typical of art, but which we then bring into the industrial framework of design to render it replicable. We’ve been keeping an eye on the art world for over 15 years, with interest and curiosity: in 2019 VANNI opened its collaboration with Artissima, the contemporary art fair in Turin, completing its first capsule collection of auteur eyewear with Christian Chironi.”

The capsule collection and the exhibition by artist Catalin Pislaru can be visited at the VANNI showroom from 5 November to 3 December 2022.