Biennale Democrazia will return to Turin with the theme “One planet, many worlds”, which will start from our condition of inhabitants of a single planet, increasingly connected but at the same time more fragmented, and will focus on the factors that make it difficult to find common answers to global problems.

Biennale Democrazia is a cultural event promoted by the City of Torino, which aim is to spread a culture of democracy and put it to practice. It is an ongoing public workshop focused on the local context, while at the same time issues on a broader scale are also addressed.

The Chamber of commerce of Turin, through its platform for social impact entrepreneurship Torino Social Impact, is once again a supporter of this important initiative on the territory, bringing its contribution to the very rich program, with events conceived and designed with some of TSI’s 150 partners, including the exhibition Distributed and connected, five years of Hackability. Technology and design as an infrastructure for innovation”; the meeting Le Parole che curano” (Words that heal) by the Italian Network of Popular Culture; the event Diritto al cibo, buono, pulito e giusto” (The right to good, clean and fair food) by the Giardino Forbito Cultural Association with interludes by the Terra Madre Orchestra.

Furthermore, on Thursday, October 7, at 6 pm at OGR Torino, Mario Calderini will dialogue with journalist Vitaliano D’Angerio on the theme of ecological transition and social vulnerability.

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