The Rete italiana of cultura popolare is an association that unites sociologists, anthropologists, urban planners, economists, but also educators, artists and social workers.The path that characterized it, which began with the study of rites and celebrations in the various Italian territories, then developed into projects that experiment with new models of sociality. Among all we remember: “Indovina chi viene a cena?“, convivial meetings in the homes of citizens from different cultures; Diario intimo di un territorio, a narrative web app that involves participants in rereading the signs of great history through individual stories; the Portale dei saperi, the first community welfare platform capable of highlighting the needs and skills of a neighborhood or territory. It was precisely through the development of the latter that Community concierge® was born, which has now also become a social franchising model at a national level.

The Portale dei saperi is the community welfare platform created by Rete italiana of cultura popolare, from an idea by Tullio De Mauro and today supervised by Chiara Saraceno. The place where the social infrastructure, and the subjects who are part of it, meet the needs of individuals. The Portal tool was born thanks to a methodology developed in the field over the last ten years, starting from a study of the rites and celebrations that matter of participation techniques, performative involvement and co-planning tools.