Gardens, virtual warehouses, beehives, 17 proposals arrived at the Metropolitan City of Turin for the call for ideas of Top Metro FaBene on the Municipalities of Collegno, Grugliasco, Moncalieri, Rivoli and Venaria.

From the creation of a virtual warehouse that brings together local associations to encourage the donation of food and basic necessities products, to the promotion of a direct channel between farms and citizens to encourage greater knowledge of the quantity and quality of food available and seasonality; but there are also those who have thought of vegetable gardens as places of activity and training from which to cook meals from a canteen and make the circuit economically sustainable.

It has also been proposed to work with subjects seeking international protection in the construction of an apiary in which to produce honey and other products to be resold to finance further professional projects.

The 5 final projects, which will have been judged more interesting and of greater impact, will benefit from an accompanying path with professionals and experts of social innovation, circular economy and sustainability, but above all will receive a fund of € 30.000 carry out the experimentation on the territories.