But what does “TriCircle” mean? The word seems to refer on the one hand to “recycling” and on the other to “tricycle”, a three-wheeled vehicle used both by children and as a means of transporting goods.

The TriCircolo Project Reuse Centre, of the Cooperativa Sociale Triciclo, has addressed in these months to citizens and artisans of the Barriera di Milano neighborhood in order to create an aggregative capacity on the themes of reuse and circular economy.

The TriCircolo Reuse Centre in via Regaldi 7/11 has been, and continues to be, a place of production, commerce and sociality equipped to host meetings, training, solidarity exchanges, production and sale of goods and services related to reuse and the theme of eco-sustainability.

In particular, the spaces of TriCircolo are aimed at artisans, professional or simple hobbyists, who can use them to make and display their products every day from 9.00 am.

TriCircolo has chosen Barriera di Milano as the place to implement its project relying on the long tradition of craftsmanship of the neighborhood, which was born as a working-class village in the mid-nineteenth century. The operators of TriCircolo aim to develop the great manual and craft potential of the residents of these streets.

As a result, the project has managed to bring on board for some initiatives important partners such as the Polytechnic of Turin and Compagnia di San Paolo, as well as hosting another reality specialized in textiles along with 7 artisans who have settled in these spaces and who deal with the reuse of bicycle materials.

It is important to underline that despite the various historical markets that are organized in the TriCircolo Reuse Centre and the numerous collateral initiatives, the objective of the project is not the sale of final products, but to provide services and facilities to the artisans who make them, trying to put the producers in contact with possible customers and/or with possible investors interested in developing their projects.

TriCircolo Reuse Centre project is part of the 15 generative welfare projects of Torino Social Factory program of the City of Turin, co-financed byProgramma Operativo Nazionale Città Metropolitane and the European Union, European Social Fund, carried out within the framework of Torino Social Impact.

Despite a setback due to Covid-19 and the recent end of the city and European funding, the project TriCircolo continues to wait for the artisans who want and all interested citizens in the headquarters of Via Regaldi 7/11.

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