The 2022 Integrated Report of Sofidel, leading Italian group in the production of paper for hygienic and domestic use, obtained first place at the Oscar di Bilancio (Reporting Oscars), in the “Large unlisted companies” category. At his side in the reporting project, the consultancy company Amapola, specialized in sustainability and communication, among the partners of Torino Social Impact.

The Reporting Oscar, now in its 59th edition is promoted by the Italian Public Relations Federation (FERPI), Italian Stock Exchange and Bocconi University. The event confirms itself as a valuable observatory on the state of the art of reporting in Italy, in a moment of particular turmoil regulatory. The initiative rewards organizations that report their actions in a rigorous manner and share the results with stakeholders, with attention to economic aspects and increasingly to the environmental and social dimension.

Sofidel Integrated Report

The Sofidel Integrated Report won first prize with the following motivation: “the Sofidel Group considers sustainability a strategic growth factor and is committed to reducing its impacts on natural capital, maximizing social benefits with the aim of creating added value shared for all its stakeholders, diversifying its communication tools in an innovative way, also through inclusion in relation to stakeholders. The company communication appears to be complete and effective, with an excellent graphic design and a very detailed analysis of the risks and related management policies. The Integrated Report has already applied the concept of dual materiality and a Smart Report mode”.

«Our way of operating has always been oriented towards the transparency of results, the timely analysis of the economic and financial performance of the business, the monitoring and management of risks and constant reporting of the investments made, aimed at pursuing growth and truly sustainable development” declares Francesco Pastore, Chief Marketing & Sales Officer Sofidel. «The key tool for reading these results is the Sofidel Integrated Report. The Ferpi Reporting Oscar represents a precious recognition and a further incentive to continue the path of reporting and transparency in which we believe”.

To strengthen accessibility elements of the Sofidel Report, Amapola has built an ecosystem of dynamic and multimedia communication tools capable of bringing to life contents, initiatives and projects collected within the document. From the graphic project to the online Smart Report, from interviews with stakeholders to the summary version (all in two languages: Italian and English), each communication support has been designed to nourish the dialogue with the company’s stakeholders, in an engaging and understandable way for a large audience. «We thank Sofidel for the trust it has placed in us and for the constant discussion during the project» comments Alberto Marzetta, Amapola partner. «The 2022 Integrated Report is a great team effort, which arises from the awareness that sustainability must always be acted upon, but also told, disseminated, brought to life. Leading companies in the sustainable transition, like Sofidel, will increasingly have a decisive role in strengthening sustainability culture so that it is concrete, transparent and accessible to all.”