The Reusable Packaging Revolution project has started in Turin to reduce the use of single-use packaging in large-scale retail.

This is an experiment that, until the end of June, will test two different packaging reduction strategies at some Crai retail points in the city.
For some weeks now, at CRAI at Corso Moncalieri 267C, it has been possible to purchase products from the deli and butcher counters served for free in Around reusable containers, instead of single-use ones. After consuming the meal without producing packaging waste, the container must be returned within 7 days to the retail point, where it will be sanitized and recirculated.

The second experiment, starting in early May, will involve some Crai retail points in districts 1 and 8 and some deli counters at the Crocetta market, where a “pilot” group of 50 people will experiment with using containers brought from home.
The applications to participate in this experiment are open right now. The selected individuals, after an initial training phase, will go to the involved retail points using their own reusable containers brought from home and appropriately sanitized.

To apply, you can register here.
For information, write to

The Reusable Packaging Revolution is a project by Mercato Circolare srl, University of Turin, and Aarhus University, in collaboration with Around and Crai, for the EIT FOOD – POC (Proof of Concept) 2023-2025 call.