Who are the speakers at the event “The role of journalism in the era of the impact economy“, organized by Torino Social Impact as part of the Torino Impact Journalism initiative? Journalists, communicators, and impact experts will intervene on Friday, May 10th, at 10:30 in the Sala Bianca.

Among the names of pioneering media outlets in the field of journalism focused on solutions, it is necessary to mention Pioneers Post, an independent media platform that addresses the impact community. Among the journalists who are part of its editorial team is Julie Pybus: besides being an editor, her role consists of supporting the team in producing stimulating content about social enterprises worldwide, targeting a global audience.

She trained as a journalist at the University of Wales, Cardiff, and her work has always been based on the principles of solutions journalism to provide positive coverage of how society’s challenges can be addressed, to share knowledge, and inspire people to take more informed actions.

More than a magazine: this is how Pioneers Post addresses impact pioneers

Pioneers Post, co-founded by Tim West, current CEO and editor, has established itself over two decades as a source of quality information, targeting those it considers “impact pioneers”: social entrepreneurs, impact investors, as well as change-makers operating in the business world, civil society, philanthropy, government, and public services.

Exploring reality through articles, interviews, podcasts, and investigations

As an independent multimedia platform committed to “solutions-driven journalism,” its mission is to explore, explain, connect, challenge, and inspire the new wave of innovators worldwide, who are dedicated every day to building a better future for people and the planet.

To offer positive, proactive, and sustainable solutions, Pioneers Post develops its content in some key sections: News and Views – what happened, when, and what people think about it; Business School – how it happened and how to do it better; Collections – thematic content streams curated by partners; Publications – reports, guides, and multimedia content; Video and Podcasts – short videos, classic interviews, podcasts, and newsletters.

Collaborating to support journalism and solution-oriented stories

Collaboration is at the core of Pioneers Post’s work, which has built long-term editorial partnerships over time. The aim is to contribute to creating a positive impact measured today in expanding the reader base, discovering new impact stories, and, at the same time, supporting partners who can tell their stories with journalistic creativity, authenticity, and rigor, increasing their visibility and ability to tell stories to a global and cross-sector audience.

Some collaborations initiated with leading organizations in various sectors include those carried out with the British Council, EVPA, GSG, Social Value International, and with Amsterdam Impact. By commissioning an editorial partnership with Pioneers Post, partner organizations also have the opportunity, above all, to make a “social purchase,” contributing to supporting impact journalism.