Experian, the Microlab Association, and FEduF (ABI) launch “Include Me at School,” a financial education project aimed at high schools to promote independence and economic inclusion.
800 students from Piedmont, Lombardy, Lazio, Campania, and Puglia are engaged in a multidisciplinary and interactive journey based on gamification.
At the heart of this joint effort is the achievement of various UN sustainability goals related to economic growth, quality education, and reducing inequalities.

Experian, the world’s leading global information company, in collaboration with the Microlab Association and FEduF (ABI), announces the launch of the “Includimi a Scuola” project aimed at educating Italian students on financial literacy, with the goal of promoting financial inclusion and economic independence among the youth.

The dissemination of financial education in classrooms is entrusted, from a multidisciplinary perspective, to teachers from different subjects, and to encourage the contribution of all teachers, the “Includimi a Scuola” project presents itself as an interdisciplinary program that integrates financial education into even the most traditional curriculum subjects.

The “Includimi a Scuola” project, carried out within Experian’s United for Financial Health program, offers a range of tools that enable students to acquire the necessary skills to interact consciously with the economic system. Through the use of digital platforms, the support of experts, and gamification methodologies, 800 high school students from five regions – Piedmont, Lombardy, Lazio, Campania, and Puglia – will be guided through a comprehensive financial literacy journey. This journey covers everything from understanding technical terms like IBAN, interest rates, and inflation to using banking and financial tools to support their personal goals.

Engaging students is essential to ensure that the topics presented are not perceived as distant from their life experiences and can be easily understood. Thanks to a financial entertainment approach aimed at minimizing the limitations of more traditional financial education through engaging and interactive training methods, Experian, the Microlab Association, and FEduF offer the economic game “Embark on Your Journey”. This game challenges students to manage an annual budget with the goal of saving €5,000 to spend Christmas in New York. Designed for students in their final years of high school, “Embark on Your Journey” offers a cash prize of €500 to students who rank in the top three in the special competition for the most meritorious.

Through “Includimi a Scuola”, students can access a financial video glossary designed to explain complex financial terms in simple language, created by Experian experts and business mentors from the Microlab Association.

Finally, Experian, the Microlab Association, and FEduF (ABI) have provided support tools for teachers, starting with the digital meeting “Gamification at School for Financial Education: the “Includimi a Scuola” project“, which will take place on Wednesday, October 25th, to facilitate optimal understanding and integration of the project into the normal curriculum.

The “Includimi a Scuola” project contributes to achieving several UN Sustainable Development Goals related to the spread of well-being through quality education (Goal #4), sustainable economic growth (Goal #8), and reduction of inequalities (Goal #10).

“We have received positive feedback from our past financial education projects, which demonstrates that this is a particularly sensitive issue in the market and in society. Today, we are pleased to announce a step forward in our commitment to the financial inclusion of young people, with the goal of providing them with the tools to be more aware and independent for their future,” says Armando Capone, General Manager of Experian Italy. “We thank the Microlab Association for their ongoing support and are excited to have FEduF on board in this important awareness-raising journey.”

“Guiding young people into the economic and financial world has always been a central theme in our activities, both in terms of training and mentoring,” declares Andrea Garello Cantoni, President of the Microlab Association. “Thanks to the support of Experian and the “Includimi a Scuola” project, we offer students the opportunity to get involved and find solutions that will be useful to them in the years to come. In addition, with our mentoring service, we provide one-to-one guidance to students to help them make future career choices and achieve economic independence.”

“Financial education is an area where gamification is starting to spread with interesting projects like ‘Includimi a Scuola'”, comments Giovanna Boggio Robutti, General Director of FEduF. “Thanks to projects like the one proposed by Experian in collaboration with the Microlab Association, we emotionally engage participants, thus addressing the main limitations of traditional financial education through interactive interaction methods that motivate students to engage in the learning process.”

The Foundation for Financial Education and Savings (FEduF) was established at the initiative of the Italian Banking Association to promote financial education from the perspective of informed citizenship and economic legality. The Foundation’s goal is to involve all parties interested in promoting a new culture of economic citizenship, valuing various initiatives, overcoming individualism, and sharing experiences in the interest of the community. It works closely with the Ministry of Education and School Offices at the local level and disseminates innovative educational programs in schools of all levels, using innovative forms and content, including the organization of events for students, teachers, and parents. The Foundation focuses on bridging the cultural gap between complex content and simple and effective dissemination tools. Its initiatives also target adults in collaboration with Consumer Associations.

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