What are the needs related to the care of the elderly? What opportunities for innovative solutions on issues that affect us all?

On Friday 25 November from 4.30 p.m. to 7 p.m. IST partner SensoArgento proposes a guided Focus Group activity with the aim of collecting feedback, ideas and suggestions expressed by a heterogeneous group of individuals from the world of elderly care.

The group will be invited to freely and spontaneously discuss a selection of useful and significant vertical issues for the improvement of home care for the elderly. The ideas generated by the discussion will then be translated into concrete actions to help families in need.

Led by industrial designer Andrea Strippoli and digital entrepreneur Marcello Chiesa, each of the discussion tables will highlight the main issues in elderly care and collaboratively propose solutions.

Each table will consist of families, caregivers, doctors and entrepreneurs.

The Focus Group will take place in the premises of the Circolo del Design, Via S. Francesco da Paola 17, Turin.

Let’s do something concrete for our future and that of our loved ones: let’s participate in the realisation of a new vision and new solutions for the third age by sharing experiences!