Ecocred S.p.A. announced the finalization of a collaboration with important social value, in line with its ESG values and projects. Ecocred in fact enters the Capital of Homes4All SBrl B Corp by subscribing and paying a share of € 50,000.

Ecocred’s goal is to provide a complete consulting service and assistance in the field of tax relief in building interventions also with a strong social impact such as the removal of architectural barriers.

“We are happy to start this journey with Homes4All which, like us, shares the values of sustainability and social inclusion,” says Davide Trotti, CFO of Ecocred who adds, “we want to contribute, for our part, to the construction of a new space of sustainable future and for everyone. This investment in Homes4All for us is one more step on this path.”

Homes4All Ltd. Benefit Company B Corp aggregates more than 160 partners including major national and European investment funds to develop a new impact business model so as to support free access a primary asset such as housing. This is also made possible through the ability to collaborate with public agencies and the nonprofit world. HomesAll aspires to become a benchmark in social housing nationwide, an area where initiatives are currently fragmented, and make a significant social, economic and environmental impact in the country.

The CEO of Homes4All S.r.l. Benefit Company B Corp, Mario MONTALCINI, adds, “Wanting to act in synergy in areas of mutual interest will certainly give us the opportunity to generate positive changes in the well-being conditions of communities along with a fair economic return for our investors. We enthusiastically welcome Ecocred’s entry into our membership and believe that its experience in the construction contracting sector can certainly provide added value to our activities.

Turin, December 2023

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Homes4All is an innovative startup benefit company B Corp with high social impact that reduces the housing emergency by fostering urban regeneration thanks to its network of private investors sensitive to sustainability logic. Its activities involve the acquisition, renovation and management of properties for social purposes from the non-performing property pool both within the City of Turin and nationwide. This creates an ecosystem in which families in need find decent and affordable homes and investors make ethical and profitable investments. Homes4All intervenes directly in the territory by focusing on specific areas of the city with high redevelopment potential, thus activating processes of urban regeneration and social innovation.


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