Communicating Disabilities is a free training event aimed at gaining insights into the world of disabilities and the language to effectively convey it. The seminar is organized by Fondazione CR Biella, Fondazione Time2, Impresa Sociale Con i Bambini and Cascina Oremo.

When: Thursday, November 30, from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Where: Cascina Oremo, Corso Giuseppe Pella, 21, Biella

Language holds the power to reshape our perceptions of reality, influencing the positions individuals and social groups hold within it.

This is particularly true for individuals with disabilities, as they are often depicted as ‘children,’ eternally youthful; or as ‘superheroes,’ celebrated for their efforts to overcome barriers and limitations; or simply as ‘them,’ a homogeneous and distinct group set apart from ‘us.’

How do individuals with disabilities wish to be represented and portrayed today? What influence do social and cultural professionals, as well as communication professionals, have in either promoting or hindering narratives that either expand or diminish the space for recognizing the rights of people with disabilities?


  • Valentina Tomirotti, freelance journalist, disability activist
  • Federica Chilà, journalist, communication manager at Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Biella
  • Laura Galesi, journalist, press office at Con i Bambini
  • Fabrizio Vespa, journalist, press office at CPD Consulta per le Persone in Difficoltà


Enroll in the course for free

For journalists, the course grants 3 training credits upon registration at Formazione Giornalisti.