Torino Social Impact participated in the first deadline of the Call for Pledges of the European Commission’s Transition Pathway for the Proximity and Social Economy, contributing several projects on stakeholder engagement, digitization of social economy actors, data for good, social procurement and networking.

The co-implementation phase of the EU Transition Pathway for the Proximity and Social Economy Industrial Ecosystem began on November 14 following a co-creation process. Stakeholders were encouraged to submit concrete commitments in the implementation of the dual green and digital ecosystem transition.

The initial deadline for submitting commitments was February 28, 2023. By that date, the European Commission collects and reviews the submitted commitments, although the call will remain open as the collection is done on a rolling basis.

This initiative is part of the updated EU Industrial Policy and the European Social Economy Action Plan. The purpose of the call was to collect pledges from stakeholders on the concrete actions they will take to help implement the shared action areas identified in the transition pathway.

Indeed, this is an important way to demonstrate stakeholders’ willingness to support the goals of this transition pathway and their commitment to work together to support the dual transition of the ecosystem and strengthen its resilience. Commitments will help fill gaps, pool resources to achieve common goals, and mobilize support at all levels.

The commitments collected will contribute to the co-implementation of the Transition Pathway. The Commission will work with stakeholders to support them in implementing their commitments by facilitating the exchange of knowledge and best practices.

All information on how to proceed is available at the following link.