Here we are at the last Googreen biodiversity market of the year. In a Christmas edition, like every second Sunday of this month, in Giardino Sambuy, agricultural and artisan excellence come together in a place of meeting and participation, of good practices, and seasonal storytelling.

From 10 am to 7 pm, representing seasonal excellence, there will be, as always, Masters of taste and the Basket, gastronomic presidia, small but excellent producers from our lands, Masters of the garden and sustainable economy, united in the charming green oasis in front of Porta Nuova to give the city a place of ethical and cultural exchange and sharing.


To each their own saint

On the occasion of the holidays, the project “In Spirito” will be presented, which, in the spring of 2024, will explore our wine lands, simultaneously telling the story of their patron saints and agricultural excellences. Taking inspiration from the book saved from the shredder “The Saints In Piedmont,” the story will be told of the artistic and cultural heritage of Piedmont, as well as its viticultural and arboreal heritage that has been producing unique “spirits” for centuries.

SEMINATO Gift card

What better gift than the shared care of our city?

Reached halfway through the Seminato crowdfunding campaign, the invitation is to give anyone the opportunity to participate in the regeneration of the historic Giardino Sambuy by contributing to the restoration of the park’s flower beds with a sustainable and educational evolution project.