We are just few days away from the event of the Ashoka Changemaker Summit, the worldwide meeting of the most important network of social innovators active in 90 countries, which will take place on December 2nd at Officine Grandi Riparazioni in Turin.

As official partner of the event, Torino Social Impact will have an active role by bringing three important contributions to the agenda: a keynote speech on the coordination of ecosystems for territorial development, a workshop on social impact measurement tools, and a meeting dedicated to understanding how some communities and cities become reference points for innovation and entrepreneurship.

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The Ashoka Changemaker Summit in-person part will start with a welcome ceremony with

  • Mario Calderini, Portavoce di Torino Social Impact
  • Marie Ringler, Leader di Ashoka Europa e Membro del Global Leadership Group di Ashoka
  • Jacopo Rosatelli, Assessore al Welfare, Diritti e Pari Opportunità della Città di Torino
  • Claudia Belli, BNP Paribas
  • Alberto Alemanno, The Good Lobby
  • Davide Canavesio, DPNO srl


Starting from the experience of Torino Social Impact, the session intends to explore how forms of multi-actor territorial coordination can strengthen the innovation capacity of partners thanks to the multiplication of knowledge, advocacy capacity, resources, services and, above all, thanks to internal synergies that can facilitate the identification of easily scalable and replicable solutions.


Social economy actors are increasingly called upon to measure the positive value generated in the contexts in which they operate. Various elements, both external and internal to organizations, contribute to making the need to measure impact and to equip themselves with tools and skills capable of capturing and communicating the social value promoted by organizations increasingly central. The centrality of the measurement activity is accompanied by the complexity of this process at the organizational level, due to the many approaches available (which may respond to different evaluation objectives), the difficulties related to data collection, to the skills and resources needed, etc. The objective of the workshop is to fuel a debate in light of the complexity of the evaluation process, reflecting on concrete experiences to highlight the advantages and positive returns brought by the evaluation activity of social enterprises.


  • Gaia Giombelli, Contact person of Torino Social Impact’s Competence center for impact measurement
  • Carmela Nitti, Social Economy Unit Coordinator @ARCO – Researcher @Department of Science for Economy and Enterprise (UNIFI)
  • Angelo Perez, Director of Innovation, Development & Institutional Affairs of Exar
  • Giuseppe Dell’Erba, Business Consultant of Cottino Social Impact Campus

A meeting dedicated to understand and reflect together on the dynamics of those communities and cities that, thanks to an articulated ecosystem involving institutions and key players, assume the role of reference points for innovation and entrepreneurship.


  • Mario Calderini, Spokesperson of Torino Social Impact and Scientific Advisor of Cottino Social Impact Campus
  • Marie Ringler, Ashoka Europa Leader and Member of Ashoka Global Leadership Group
  • Federico Mento, Director of Ashoka Italia
  • Ciro Cattuto, CRT Foundation
  • Nora Sarasola, BBK Foundation

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