Sustainability Reporting: Obligation or Opportunity? Many organizations, in this period of regulatory and non-regulatory upheaval, are asking themselves this question. To explore a topic increasingly at the center of the debate, on Wednesday, September 27th at 12 PM, Amapola, the communication agency specializing in sustainability, is hosting the first Amapola Café, an online webinar dedicated entirely to Sustainability Reporting on its LinkedIn page. Registrations are open on Eventbrite.


Is sustainability reporting solely a matter of finance? A reputation strategy? An imposed obligation without any utility? And how should companies approach it and adapt it to their specific needs? One thing is certain: to stay up to date with the times, all businesses must equip themselves to best respond to the expectations of markets, citizens, consumers, and the increasingly stringent demands of regulators and finance. Today, all these demands are moving in the same direction: greater control over environmental and social impacts and transparency regarding the actions taken. This is where sustainability reporting comes into play.

During this Amapola Café, Giulia Devani, Head of Reporting at Amapola, in conversation with Micol Burighel, Head of Communication at the agency, will delve into the most common questions and concerns about sustainability reporting, getting into the specifics of approaches, strategies, and tools to transform this corporate process into a strategic, organizational, and impactful tool. In a 40-minute conversation, the main aspects of sustainability reporting will be reviewed, from regulatory changes to stakeholder engagement.

For registrations: Eventbrite

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