The international event, organized by Social Value Italia, Social Value International and Torino Social Impact will be held in Turin October 24-25, 2022 and is dedicated to innovations in the world of impact evaluation and management.

Our city or so will host 100 delegates from this important global network for social value and impact management.

Social Value International, as a global standard setter, it works with other institutions such as the UNDP, OECD, and the Impact Management Platform, to ensure that social value measurement and management creates a positive impact for all. The meeting will take place at Unicredit Academy and will also involve other locations for specific workshops, lessons and site visits. There will be some plenary sessions aimed at figuring out the evolution of impact assessment in the mid-long term, providing a scenario-based picture and breakout sessions aimed at facilitating exchange of ideas and experiences. Some networking sessions will also be scheduled, aimed at favouring knowledge of SVInt European members and making collaborations possible. The Torino Social Impact ecosystem will be involved during the works and in the b2b activities. UniCredit and Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation have already confirmed their engagement and will be partners of the event.

The network proposes a vision based on the idea that social value is about understanding the relative importance of changes that people experience, and using the insights we gain from this to make better decisions. By taking relative importance into account we can ensure that the decisions we make focus on what is valuable to people, and through this we can increase the positive and reduce the negatives effects of our work, and ultimately increase the overall value of our activities.

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