The Social Tech Atlas is a project of the Social Good Accelerator, a European movement created in 2017 to accompany and accelerate the digital transformation of organizations working to generate social impact.

SOGA EU is composed of 60 members of different nature: companies, non-profits, associations…

The Social Tech Atlas is a database that allows social tech organizations in Europe and policymakers to identify the different European social economy actors quickly.

Why can it be useful? Before this experiment, no European database bring together both organizations supporting social economy actors in their digital transition offering alternative digital tools and services.

The Social Tech Atlas is an open database of European social economy organizations offering technological solutions or services and actors supporting social economy organizations in their digital transformation.

Firstly, the Atlas will make it possible to find European organizations that can specifically support the digital transition. Secondly, each organization will find European structures with different statutes (co-operatives, associations, foundations) offering alternative and open digital tools and services.

The main objectives of the Social Tech Atlas can be summarized in three points:

  • promotion of the social economy and civil society participation;
  • a bridge to connect the social economy and the digital sector;
  • bringing European citizens and organizations closer together.

The Social Tech Atlas aims to join forces to contribute to the specificities of the European Tech model by improving the recognition of the added value it brings. SOGA’s ambition to create such a digital map is to see the multiplication of European cooperation in Social Tech.

More information is available here.