The british Impact Investing Institute has created and is expanding an evidence base for investors that features examples of impact investments across asset classes and geographies.

This case studies hub covers different categories.

Endowments: Foundations who are aligning their investments with their mission; Emerging markets: Impact investments in emerging and frontier markets made by institutional investors; Just transition finance: Investments for a fair and inclusive transition to a net zero economy; Pensions: Pension funds investing with impact for a more sustainable future; Place-based impact investing: Public and private capital driving economic opportunities in underinvested places across the UK. Among the place-based examples, many show how public and private investors, as well as communities can come together to raise living standards, provide economic opportunity, and build thriving, inclusive communities.

The Impact Investing Institute works to increase awareness and interest in impact investing. They provide research and tools to support investors and advocate for policy and regulation that make it easier to invest with impact, alongside financial return.

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