Caring for the psychological well-being of employees is not only strategically important for organizations, but it also allows companies to comply with regulatory obligations to protect the psychosocial risks of their human capital.

In recent years, we have witnessed profound socioeconomic changes that have affected the world of work: from job insecurity to an increase in workload and pace, from continuous innovations to poor work-life balance.

In Italy, about 50% of sick days are due to work-related anxiety and stress. Companies (and individuals) need new skills and abilities to manage current and future challenges, especially in the interests of the new generation of workers. For this reason, we have decided to do our part, this time too, for everyone’s mental health.

Our training program is comprehensive, intense, and aimed at HR, Welfare Managers, Chief Happiness Officers, and Entrepreneurs.

  • 6 training sessions (3 in-person + 3 online)
  • A total of 3 months of impactful training
  • Only 50 spots available

A set of topics ranging from psychological training to corporate counseling; from welfare to high emotional impact leadership styles; from monitoring employee well-being to a corporate culture based on feedback and proper information flow.

It is necessary to take concrete actions to promote psychological well-being in the workplace, and we believe that one of the best ways to do so is through training!

Purchase the ticket for 3 months of intensive on-site training and learn how to effectively implement a Corporate Mental Health Strategy!

The reserved price is 590.00 EUR, valid only if you register by April 25th! It includes a 20% discount on the next TeamDifferent course (we will tell you more about this soon).

Let’s make an impact together.

Browse the detailed program of the course here!

The course is organized in partnership with NotOnlyDesk, with the strategic collaboration of Econgood (Economics Federation for the Common Good), the magical team of GeCo | Generazione Competente, WellWork, and M74 Solution.