From Wednesday, March 22 to Sunday, March 26, Biennale Democrazia, a cultural event promoted by the City of Turin, conceived and chaired by Gustavo Zagrebelsky, returns to Turin and has been held under the High Patronage of the President of the Republic since 2009. Now in its eighth edition this year, whose title is ‘At the Boundaries of Freedom’, its goal is to return to a reflection on the complex relationship between freedom and democracy, inside and outside the borders of our society. The event welcomes more than one hundred meetings, more than two hundred and twenty Italian and international guests, five exhibitions and the contribution of about one hundred and fifty volunteers. The events will be recorded and made available on the event website every year.

In five days, a reflection starting from four thematic itineraries, four different perspectives to discuss and reason together around the significant issues concerning freedom, to which this year will be added the sections Democrazia Futura, dedicated to young people and schools of all levels, and Democrazia Diffusa, realized in synergy with the cultural realities of the territory and with Torino Social Impact, which has involved some partners in the programming, as well as expressing an event within the RESPONDET project, in collaboration with Torino Creative City UNESCO for Design and a presentation by Euricse.

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Biennale Democrazia