On April 24, 2023, exactly 10 years after the Rana Plaza tragedy, the Responsible Fashion Movement (MMR) was born.

The first action of this network, made up of brands, producers, companies, cooperatives and professionals who work daily in the fashion industry, is the launch of the Manifesto for Responsible Fashion in Italy which aims to create a fashion industry that is always more responsible, accessible and recognized.

This is only the first step: it is important to reiterate in every way the urgent need for a change in the fashion industry on the planet and on people.

The union of intentions comes to life from the awareness of the negative impact that the fashion industry has both on an environmental and social level, with the aim of creating a system that looks at the fashion sector with a critical and proactive perspective.

With the dissemination of this Manifesto, the participatory movement wants to be the spokesperson for a project that has three main aims:

  • For companies: promote transparency and good practices, helping companies understand how to reduce their environmental impact, introducing virtuous practices for a positive social impact, through concrete guidelines that can be applied to their company, as well as by setting a good example ;
  • For institutions: promote a sense of responsibility, uniting the voices of producers and consumers to acquire greater strength and therefore be able to propose new regulations to support the path towards sustainability;
  • For people: promoting awareness, critical thinking and conscious consumption, as well as making it easier to identify virtuous and responsible companies.

The founding values on which the Manifesto is based with the aim of making the fashion industry responsible are four: pursuit of quality, creation of social value, respect for the environment and ethics and social responsibility.

Elena Ferrero – CEO of Atelier Riforma, one of the signatories of the Manifesto – says:

“If we want to see a positive change, we must be that change. The Movimento Moda Responsabile is the result of this strong will, the will to see one day a fashion industry that bases its economic growth not on the exploitation of people and the environment, but on their protection”.

The Manifesto, the list of participants and the graphic contents to share the project are available here

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