The Stories Matter project is a cutting-edge initiative that seeks to empower and uplift individuals in the creative and cultural sectors. Our primary goal is to offer a comprehensive curriculum that enhances the skills of emerging artists, socially engaged artists, and industry stakeholders. By promoting sustainability, innovation, participation, and inclusivity, we create an environment where participants can thrive in their projects, work, and productions.

Working in collaboration with partners from Belgium (Creative District), Cyprus (Visual Voices), and Italy (Green Growth Generation), we harness a diverse range of expertise to provide a transformative experience. Our overarching aim is to upskill and expand the audience reach of visual artists and creatives. Through the lead of industry experts and practical knowledge, we delve into crucial subjects such as sustainability, innovation, inclusion, civic participation, climate change awareness, and other themes that aim to raise awareness and empower artists to become catalysts for change and storytellers within their communities.