SAN SALVARIO HAS A GREEN HEART returns this year to transform the central avenue of the neighborhood into a lush garden.
Under the ancient trees of Corso Marconi, a day dedicated to greenery, art, and culture along with associations, nurseries, florists, artisans, sustainable and zero-kilometer agricultural producers.
An horticultural and floricultural event created to involve the citizens in a moment of active participation in the public space.

On Saturday, June 1st from 10 AM to 7 PM, Giardino Forbito will share best practices with the neighborhood through botanical meetings, workshops, lessons with art and garden masters, contests, and photographic exhibitions, tours, guided visits to discover the neighborhood, and literary and musical moments.

San Salvario Has a Green Heart is a project of the Women’s Association for the Defense of Civil Society, organized in collaboration with Giardino Forbito.