Families, listen, listen! You are all invited to join us for a special day dedicated to fun, creativity and sustainability!

What to expect?

Reuse Game: Your children will have the incredible opportunity to participate in the Reuse Game, an engaging and educational experience that will lead them to discover the principles of the circular economy in a practical and fun way. From cardboard scraps to incredible creations: you’ll see how to turn creativity into reality!

Duration: About 1 hour | Age: From 6 years old

“FATTO IN CASA LAB” laboratory: While the little ones have fun with the Reuse Game, the adults will be able to discover the fantastic world of the “FATTO IN CASA LAB”. Here we will explore homemade food recipes and natural home cleaning methods using easy-to-find, eco-friendly products.

We will learn together how to prepare self-produced food, guaranteeing freshness and quality. Plus, we’ll show you sustainable ways to clean your home, using products made from easily available ingredients.

When: 2 December 2023
Where: In the center – Via delle Orfane 11, Turin

We look forward to welcoming many of you for this day of fun, learning and sharing!

We are waiting for you!