It’s possible to promote a fairer and more inclusive green and digital transition, one that considers vulnerable groups and new generations?

On Wednesday, March 20, several organizations in Turin – part of the Community of Practice that brings together circular economy initiatives of Torino Social Impact – embarked on a new challenge: to brainstorm and propose innovative projects to submit to the SEFIT Open Call, a European project by Fondazione Brodolini and the City of Turin.

The spaces of Open Incet provided the perfect setting for an afternoon entirely dedicated to project design: the presence of Weco Impresa Sociale was invaluable, as they facilitated the workshop, guiding organizations in ideating and drafting project proposals. The Fondazione Brodolini also played a crucial role, addressing questions and curiosities from the entities during an info session dedicated to the SEFIT project earlier that morning.


The Open Call, aimed at SMEs and Third Sector Organizations, offers a non-repayable grant for the implementation of the proposed innovation and provides a capacity-building program to support its realization. Thus, the workshop focused on the challenges related to innovative proposals: what needs and solutions were identified, what local impact can be achieved, and how the project can be scalable and replicable at a national level.


Throughout the afternoon, the participating organizations worked on two main areas: Financial and Consumer Education, conceived as a response to the growing poverty caused by rising energy costs and lack of awareness regarding energy conservation; and green jobs, aimed at increasing resilience to climate change through training and employment of disadvantaged individuals in the green economy sector.

Several diverse and innovative ideas emerged and were shared with the group of participants: from reducing waste in the agri-food chain to promoting a renewable energy community in urban areas, to designing a platform to build virtuous and local relationships based on mutual aid.

A big thank you to all participants for this enriching day, and best of luck to everyone for the submission of their projects!