MI allows you to purchase directly from local markets through the app and receive products at home or at the workplace. The service offered is not just a simple online food marketplace, but a service of social, environmental, and food sustainability.

Local markets, the cultural, social, and economic heritage of cities, are going through a phase of great difficulty and are disappearing. More and more businesses are forced to close, unable to compete with the large companies present in the sector.

From a social perspective, the work is structured in synergy with small businesses to create a territorial ecosystem based on proximity services. By aggregating market stalls and small commercial activities, it is possible to offer an online sales and home delivery system.

Third sector associations present in the area of interest are involved, with particular attention to the work integration of disadvantaged people.

Deliveries are made with zero environmental and noise impact thanks to the use of cargo bikes, which, by reducing city traffic, improve traffic flow.

Great attention is also paid to packaging. The system is based on returnable packaging practices; all packaging is recovered from customers, sanitized, and reused for subsequent orders.

From a food perspective, only locally sourced products are promoted, educating the consumer through the offering of seasonal products.

As a marketplace, each seller has access to and control over their own product showcase. Sales go directly to the customer, and thanks to the professionalism present in the markets, the customer can customize products. For example, it is possible to choose the ripeness of fruit, the cut of meats and cheeses, the cleaning of fish, coffee grinding, vacuum sealing, and many other customized options.

Companies are offered agreements with discounts, welfare services, and benefits for employees, and delivery directly to the workplace or home (which can always be monitored as Welfare): an initiative that values employees and supports the local economy.

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