“It’s Adventure – School Years” is the winning project of the Gaming, Augmented Reality and VR section of the 6th edition of Faber. The Formade team, which developed the idea, was also selected by Marcopolo for its Special Award, consisting of a 20-hour mentoring course aimed at refining the project idea from a communication point of view.

The mentoring program was built together with the It’s Adventure project’s referents, to meet their interests and needs and enable them to obtain practical knowledge useful in defining the identity, including the visual identity, of the game and its launch on the market.

The appointments will be structured through online and in-person meetings and will involve various professional figures from the Marcopolo staff, including CEO Maurizio Bazzano, who will offer his entrepreneurial experience to help Formade transform its idea into business.

Although many within the Marcopolo team have already had teaching experience, first and foremost thanks to the collaboration with the IED, with which we have been collaborating as trainers for several years as part of the Master in Marketing and Communication, this will be the first time that we will all be working together on a project that makes our vertical skills available in a transversal manner, and we are very curious to put ourselves to the test, as individuals and as a team!

We hope to live up to the expectations of the young men and women who will participate in the programme, and we are confident that this can be a wonderful opportunity for us to reflect on all the knowledge that underpins the daily work we do for our customers. We are delighted to have the opportunity to share what we know, and we hope that this can be the first step towards a systematisation of our expertise, which can open up more and more to the various players in the area interested in learning more about issues related to the definition of a brand personality, including through the use of methodologies borrowed from the approaches of Design Thinking and Human Centred Design, the construction of a recognisable and coherent visual identity, and the adoption of an effective multi-channel communication strategy.