After the success of the first edition of #ImpactPrototypesLabs, the second edition of Impact Prototypes Labs 2020-2021 starts!

Impact Prototypes Labs is the first practical program for the development of prototype solutions with social impact for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Piedmont. The program is based on the collaboration between the company and a multidisciplinary group of students of the Master’s Degrees of the Politecnico di Torino, accompanied by teachers in a project-based training course on the themes of innovation and social impact.

The 2020-2021 edition is based on an ecosystem of skills and reputation: the Cottino Social Impact Campus and the Polytechnic of Turin, with the Turin Chamber of commerce, Unicredit, Unione Industriale Torino, API Torino, Confindustria Canavese and Torino Social Impact meet the challenge of the impact economy and accompany the development of Piedmontese SMEs.

For who

For all SMEs in the Piedmont Region that want to embrace and spread knowledge and awareness of impact-oriented business strategies within the company.
For students of the Master’s Degrees of the Politecnico di Torino who wish to learn in the field how to build impact oriented business initiatives.

Why should a company participate?

  • To develop a social impact innovation project
  • To seize the opportunities of resources allocated by the impact economy at European level
  • To expose your business to impact investing opportunities
  • To differentiate in the market in terms of skills and visibility
  • To add the impact lens to your positioning
  • To receive dedicated training from Cottino Social Impact Campus and Chamber of Commerce
  • To expand and consolidate relations with the world of institutions, credit, scientific research and training

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Why should a student participate?

  • To acquire skills on the topic of innovation and social impact
  • To get in touch with companies in the area and with important partners and to open up to internship and job opportunities at participating companies
  • To learn how to manage a complex innovation project by working in a team
  • To have the opportunity to analyze and develop a real case of business
  • To have a tutor available to support the management of the project
  • To have the future possibility to develop the project also in a master’s thesis
  • To get the recognition of curricular or extra-curricular training credits

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