Riding the wave of positive energy from the Changemaker Days (and in anticipation of Changemaker Days 2024), Ashoka Italy invites you to continue fully embracing being part of the Italian change-makers and welcomes you to the new series of events, ‘Il Café della Community‘.

We belong to the same Community because we share values, goals, activities, and common interests.

An hour and a little more dedicated to the Ashoka Community and a privileged space to meet, share, get to know each other, and exchange experiences, discussing the daily themes and challenges that characterize the paths of changemakers; drawing inspiration from the stories of the speakers.

The first meeting is on Wednesday, December 6th, from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM, and we will discuss new leadership models. Our guest will be Stella Saladino, a thought designer and author of the essay ‘Think Like a Plant.’ Stella will share her research that extracts cognitive models and systems from the plant world into creative, artistic, organizational, or decision-making processes.

Her innovative perspective invites a mental shift, a change of paradigm, focusing on non-human life to develop interdependent and unconventional approaches to problem-solving.

The Cafés of the Community are valuable networking and discussion opportunities among participants on key topics for change.

To register, fill out the form.

And for the second meeting, what will we talk about? You can decide by proposing a theme that is particularly close to your heart.

We remind you that to ensure the workshop format and authentic exchange characteristic of the event, the capacity is limited, and each meeting will be followed by a report on the topic.

We hope to meet you soon at the Café della Community!

For any information, please write to ecadone@ashoka.org.”