Attractiveness, research, and territory: three words that encapsulate the deeper meaning of the meeting held in Bologna on Wednesday, February 28.

In Emilia Romagna, a virtuous path has been initiated, aiming to establish a regional Social Research and Innovation Hub, as outlined in the Regional Program for Productive Activities 2023-2025. This hub is envisioned as a space for co-creating policies and initiatives that allow social innovation to become a model for research and innovation policies oriented towards social impact.

An hub for co-creating policies and initiatives in the region

Torino Social Impact participated as a guest, bringing its experience in creating an ecosystem that promotes social impact.

It was a valuable opportunity to engage with the Emilia Romagna Region, represented by Morena Diazzi (General Directorate for Knowledge, Research, Employment, and Enterprises, Emilia-Romagna Region), and ART-ER, a Consortium Company of Emilia-Romagna established to foster the region’s sustainable growth and promote the internationalization of the research system through participation in European and international networks. ART-ER also supports the development of collaborative projects, encourages knowledge exchange, and values regional competencies and experiences.

Social economy ecosystems: Torino Social Impact’s experience

On this occasion, Torino Social Impact shared its experience, recounting its genesis in the Turin area and identifying the vision, objectives, and strategy developed at the territorial level. Attention then shifted to identifying the purpose that gives rise to social economy ecosystems, as well as the crucial role played by research.

The day concluded with a workshop where the research and social innovation system was analyzed in relation to the three scenarios of the present, future, and transition, working on the participants’ visions.

It was an important opportunity to share the experience of Torino Social Impact with a broad representation of organizations from the region, and we hope to have contributed to the establishment and success of the new Hub emerging in Emilia Romagna.