Who are the speakers at the event “The Role of Journalism in the Era of Impact Economy“, organized by Torino Social Impact as part of the Torino Impact Journalism initiative? Journalists, communicators, and impact experts will speak on Friday, May 10 at 10:30 AM in Sala Bianca.

One of them is Styli Charalambous, co-founder of the Daily Maverick, an online news outlet and South African daily newspaper that started as a 5-person startup and has grown to over 100 full-time employees. Passionate about leadership and innovation, Styli was awarded the most important South African journalism award in 2021 for courage and integrity for his pivotal role that led to the success of the Daily Maverick.

What he proposes is independent journalism based on the principles of truth, honesty, and analytical depth. Aware of the importance of journalism that not only informs but also inspires positive change, the Daily Maverick focuses on the global challenges of our society: from sustainability issues to human rights, from domestic politics to social justice. In this way, besides being a journalistic outlet, it aims to promote a fairer and more aware society.

Impact Journalism

Funded by philanthropic organizations, commercial activities (such as the digital and print ownership of the publication, events, and sponsorships), as well as reader support, the Daily Maverick has created over 100 jobs over the years, most of them permanent.

Constructive information, measurement of the social impact of news, and civic engagement characterize this editorial project, thanks to a team of journalists convinced that information should guide society in making better and more informed decisions.

Thus, beyond mere information, the Daily Maverick today positions itself as a community reference point, actively promoting the participation of its readers through forums and social media platforms where dialogue and the exchange of ideas are encouraged. This community spirit strengthens the bond between the newspaper and its audience, to create an online space where different voices can coexist and enrich the public debate.