Reynaldi Srl won the National award for the civil economy at the National Festival of Civil Economy.

Torino Social Impact’s partner Reynaldi SRL is a company specialized in the Third parties cosmetic production on a wide range of cosmetics. The ability to produce in full service, in a short time and meet the clients’ demands about quality, price and punctuality are the strength of the family company. Reynaldi formulates, produces and packs cosmetics for the skin, hairs and perfumes.

They invest, every year, 13% in R&D and, with more than 45 employees, they create professional opportunities on the territory.

Knowing the importance of social and environmental sustainability, it became the first cosmetic Benefit company in Italy in 2016. It activates cooperation projects with Gruppo Abele in Turin, San Patrignano and many other no-profit associations for the cooperation and the enhancement of the work. Since 2003, it works in Burkina Faso and, recently, the United Nations’ ITC asked Reynaldi a consulting to replicate the model in Nigeria too.

Regarding environmental sustainability, through their operations, they recycle 97% of their industrial wastes.
The company introduced a water management system to recover, filter and stock the water in a zero-waste system. Finally, concerning energy efficiency, is coming to an end a project to auto produce energy with the installation of solar panels on the roof of the plant. This will bring to an almost Zero CO2 production.

Moreover, Reynaldi actively collaborates with associations and Universities in the upcycling of food wastes in the cosmetics formulations. Since the beginning, they have put themselves on the front line at the activation of sustainable projects in the social, environmental and economic fields.

Among the others, the training and social creation projects of the GGI Academy deserve a mention.
They train university and high school students through classes and company testimonials.
GGI Academy was born from the will of the Unione Industriale Gruppo Giovani of Turin to create a link between education and entrepreneurship.
Its first objective is to spread business culture and its values.
This happens through the collaboration with schools and universities, the promotion of formative meetings in which are told the experiences as entrepreneurs.