Friday, November 24, 2023, from 18:30 to 20:30
“Circular Economy: The City at Play”
Green Pea, Via Ermanno Fenoglietti, 20, Turin

The City of Turin, together with Turin Social Impact, the Turin Chamber of Commerce, and Circular Market, has organized the event titled “Circular Economy: The City at Play.” This event is part of the activities carried out by the European projects RESPONDET and SME4GREEN, involving organizations from the Community of Practice on the circular economy.

Held during the European Week for Waste Reduction 2023, the event will focus on finding innovative solutions that can redefine our way of thinking, producing, and consuming. It will include a group gaming session to explore the circular economy and the future of the city, experiencing the challenges of green Turin today and tomorrow.

The event is part of Green Pea’s Circular Days: a weekend to delve into the world of circularity through products, workshops, experiences, and labs.

The participating organizations from the Community of Practice on the circular economy, which contributed to the drafting of the Local Green Deal and the Local Action Plan, will also be involved. Together with other projects and tools, these efforts will be part of the Climate City Contract, the document guiding Turin towards climate neutrality by 2030.

Join us to be part of the change towards a more sustainable future!

Participation in the event is free and can be booked at this link.